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Teens & Foster Care

Teens and young adults are literally adults-in-training. They need—and want—life models, life coaches, and opportunities to develop into the people they can be.


You might be surprised how much you have to offer to teens in foster care, just by being yourself. There is an ongoing need for more people to become foster or adoptive parents for teenagers in foster care. Your support, guidance and care can have a lifelong impact


Teens in foster care are just like teens you know. They worry about fitting in. They obsess about clothes or cell phones. Unfortunately, teens in foster care also have to worry about where they will live next month, where their younger siblings are and how to make friends in a strange new school. Teens in foster care need the encouragement and trust of a family who will love them and provide a structured home to help them on a positive path to success.


Being a foster parent for a teenager or a young adult is very different from being a foster parent for a younger child. But for the most part the difference lies in the normal challenges of adolescent development, not in the young person’s foster care status.


Right now, there is an urgent need for foster care parents and families for teens.

25 Reasons to Foster Teens

(written by foster teens)


  • Everyone deserves to be special to someone.

  • No diapers required.

  • We sleep through the night. And sometimes half the morning.

  • No more carpools. We can drive you places.

  • You don't have to wait 10 or 12 years to see if we remember what you taught us. Instant gratification.

  • Because where would you be in life without the support of YOUR parents?

  • Because every kid deserves a loving family to rebel against.

  • Train your future caregivers.

  • We'll do our own laundry. Sometimes.

  • When we go to college, we want to know we can always come back home.

  • We'll keep you young at heart.

  • We'll let you know when your old clothes are back in style.

  • We'll be ready to move out sooner.

  • Less hours on the phone with tech support. We'll fix it for you.

  • An excuse to go to all the high school basketball games again.

  • You can practice patience, kindness and empathy.

  • You'll never be bored.

  • Some of us never had a family dinner until we met you.

  • Because all kids grow up to be teens eventually.

  • Sick of Dora the Explorer? We'll watch Survivor with you.

  • We're not morning people either.

  • You won't have to read us the same book fifteen times every night.

  • We'll teach U 2 txt :)

  • Some nights we can cook dinner for you.

  • You may have missed my first day of kindergarten, but you can be there to watch me graduate!


*courtesy of Why Foster Teens, a recruitment initiatve created by Children's Square U.S.A. (Iowa and Nebraska) and Iowa KidsNet (Iowa).

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