The Foster Family Story

Humanity, Balance, Honesty, Inclusion, Teamwork

The Foster Care Story

Foster care is the temporary placement of children and youth outside of their own homes. 

It happens due to abuse, neglect, or other family problems.


Foster care is a temporary safe place for kids to live while their family addresses safety concerns. Family reunification is usually the primary goal for kids who are in foster care.  We encourage foster families to support reunification with the family. The majority of children in out-of-home placement will return to their parents or relatives. A small percentage of children in out-of-home placement become legally free and eligible for adoption.


Foster parents embrace children, value their family connections, and provide a home free of abuse and neglect until they can return home, be adopted or live independently. They must be willing to care for a child, whether he/she is in the home for one day or for a year.


Foster parents are not guardians, nor do they have legal custody of a child in their care, but they are an important part of the decision-making process regarding a child's safety, well being and permanency.


What foster care is:


  • a chance to make the world a better place -- one child at a time

  • one of the most challenging steps you will take in your life

  • one of the most rewarding opportunities you will ever take on

What foster care is not:


  • simple: emotionally, socially or in terms of your time

  • a way to solve personal or family problems

  • a way to make money



All types of foster parents are needed in Mesa County. Being a successful foster parent is hard work and it requires opening yourself and your home. Yet, foster parenting can be some of the most gratifying work you will ever consider.  The heart of it, of course, is working with children and their families.  Foster care also involves partnering with case workers, schools and community resources to meet a young person’s needs.  All types of people make good foster parents as we all have our own special talents, but keep in mind that foster parenting is not for everyone.  


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