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Training & Resources

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Building Bridges

Our 4 Week Foster Parent Training


Each applicant will need to complete 27 Training Hours.  12 of these hours are provided through in-person training through Mesa County Department of Human Services.  The remaining hours will be completed through individual training with your Placement Resource Manager.  This curriculum is mandated by the State and covers topics they have identified as necessary information for foster care providers to have.


You can start attending the training even if you haven’t made the decision yet whether or not you would like to become a foster parent.  Many people attend a few training sessions in order to give them more information prior to making their decision.  


Mesa County’s foster, kinship, and adoptive care training program is designed to prepare all providers and applicants to care for children placed through the child welfare division of the Department of Human Services.  The program meets all state requirements for persons to become either kinship caregivers or certified foster and adoptive caregivers.

You do not have to start with Session 1, you can begin with any session as long as you complete all 8 sessions. This is an overview of the Building Bridges Foster Parent Training:


Training Topics:

Session 1 – Understanding Foster Care        
Session 2 – Families Helping Families        

Session 3 – Disciplining High-Risk Children

Session 4 – Case Management & Court


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Recommended Reading

Books for Parents:


  • "A Child's Journey Through Placement" by Vera I. Fahlberg

  • "From Toddlers to Teens, 1001 solutions for Everyday parenting problems" by Jane Nelson, Lynn Lott, and Glenn Stephen

  • "Ghosts from the Nursery" by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith Wiley

  • "Fostering Changes" by Richard Delaney

  • "How it Feels to be Adopted" by Jill Krementz

  • "Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and More Creative Interventions for Troubled Children" by Liana Lowenstein

  • "Another Place at the Table" by Kathy Harrison

Books for Kids:


  • "Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach" by Howard Glasser

  • "A Very Touching Book" by Jan Hindman and Tom Novak

  • "A Volcano In My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger" by Eliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney

  • "Maybe Days" by Jennifer Wilgocki, Marcia Kahn Wright, and Alissa Imre Geis

  • "Please Tell" by Jessie Ottenweller

  • "A Terrible Thing Happened- A story for children who have witnessed violence or trauma" by Margaret M. Holmes, Sasha J. Mudlaff, and Cary Pillo

  • "Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story" by Theresa Ann Fraser and Alex Walton


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