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Who Can be a

Foster Care Parent?

All types of people make good foster parents as we all have our own special talents, but keep in mind that foster parenting is not for everyone. 


Foster parenting is a serious commitment. It requires giving the gift of unconditional love to children and youth who may never have experienced love of any kind and who may not know how to accept it. It also requires the foster parent to be able to bond and attach to children quickly, but still be able to separate from those children when they are returned to their birth family or moved to a more permanent family situation.


In most instances, your marital status, age, income, and sexual orientation will not qualify or disqualify you from becoming a foster parent. Individuals with disabilities can and do adopt from foster care.


You don’t need to own your own home, have children already, be young, wealthy, or a stay-at-home parent to adopt or foster. 



The key qualification is being able to meet the physical, emotional and developmental needs of a child. This includes:

  • Provide 24-hour care and supervision on a daily basis

  • Be able to care for yourself financially without the child’s stipend

  • Be flexible, patient and understanding

  • Have a sense of humor

  • Have a home free of fire and safety hazards

  • Complete a variety of background checks.

  • Have the ability to work as a member of a team

  • To be a Foster Care Parent with Foster Care of Mesa County you must live in Mesa County, CO.



If you are part of one or more of these groups, you can foster/adopt in Colorado:

  • Single

  • Married

  • A member of the LGBT community

  • Renter

  • Homeowner

  • Age 21 or over, no maximum age

  • Male or Female

  • With biological children or not

  • Any race/ethnic group

  • Any religion



Following are some characteristics that we look for in a foster parent or foster family:

  • Ability to establish nurturing, structured relationships with children

  • Ability to demonstrate good coping skills and a strong support system

  • Ability to provide physical and emotional care and appropriate supervision

  • Willingness to learn special skills required to parent a child's specific needs

  • Ability to understand and show acceptance of the child's family

  • Ability to help a child cope with separation and loss

  • Commitment to utilize non-physical forms of discipline

  • Awareness of the crises, stresses and social problems that abused and neglected children often suffer

  • Ability to handle difficult behaviors, such as defiance, running away, excessive lying, stealing, truancy, sexualized behaviors, aggression, and substance abuse

  • Willingness to seek professional assistance for the child or themselves

  • Willingness to comply with child welfare rules, regulations and case plans



You will not qualify if any adults in the household have been convicted of any of the following (including any deferred judgment):

  • A crime of violence as defined in Section 18-1.3-406, C.R.S.

  • Child abuse as specified in Section 18-6-401, C.R.S.

  • Felony sexual behavior

  • Felony domestic violence

  • Felony physical assault or battery

  • Felony drug-related/alcohol-related offense within the past five years


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